Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorry.. Sorry !!

Hey Girls.. So I know it has been so long since I updated this blog, I have been so busy with school and life itself, everything has been so crazy. Like I said before I'm trying so hard to get into the Nursing Program at my school and it has been tough so far. BUT I do plan to keep this updated and will try to post every other day.. depending on what goes on in my life. As for my YouTube channel, I have posted a lot more videos so I will try to get them on here for you guys to see, and I know my profile is all out of wakk and all the links are messed up, so I will try to fix that as well. Till next post BYEEEE!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My School Manicure

Hey you guys, so school starts tomorrow, and I'm sort of ready to go back, but as you know I had to paint my nails for school, So I thought it would be cool to come up with a cute and simple design to wear to my first day back to school. Now, how you do your nails is up to you and how your style is, for me I would not wear something to bright or something that stands out too much. I went through my nail polishes and found this light blue color that my boyfriend's cousin had got me for a Christmas. This was my first time using this brand and color. I also used the Konad Stamping Kit to do a quick and easy design. Here is the color and base/top coat I used for this manicure..

The L'OREAL color is called Club Prive and its a very soft blue color, nothing too bright, and the top and base coat that I used is by Revlon. Both work great with all nail polishes by the way, BUT!!!!!! I DO NOT recommend using the top coat by Revlon when using the Konad Nail Polish, becuase it does smear the design, Instead I would use Seche Vite Top Coat. Which I took a picture of so you can see what it looks like

The Konad Template I used was M65

My Weekend Manicure

Hey you guys, so as I told you before I just took off the acrylic that was on my nails, so my nails are really short and very weak. There really isn't anything I can do with them. So for now I'm just painting them with no design. So here is what I wore on my nails for the weekend...

I used two colors for this manicure, The first color that I used is this very light pink color almost like a bubble gum pink, Its by Wet-n-Wild, Wild Shine called Tickled Pink. I like this polish a lot because it only took two coats to get that pink color, and dried really quick!

The other that I used was a glitter polish, the glitter is very fine, so it gave it a nice sparkle to it, its by China Glaze called Fairy Dust. It worked great with the pink

Friday, January 13, 2012

My first Swap

Hey you guys?? So about four days ago I did my first swap, now a swap is basically a trade of a certain item. Now Im not to sure where else swapping is done, but I do my swaps through YouTube, since I love everything about nails, I swap with other people who are interested in nails as well. We swap all kinds of things, whether it be nail art supplies, nail polish, glitters, or even soap, and make-up. What you swap is between you and who ever your doing a swap with, NOW.. In order to do a swap you must TRUST the other person, because 99% of the time, that person will live states away from you, you must trust them to send you your package with everything you guys agreed on ! Another big thing you have to do, is have communication between each other, always.. always.. keep in contact with that person, let them know when your shipping, if your having  money problems and can't ship, let that person know whats going on with their package, ALWAYS get a tracking number. Other then that,  Swapping can be so much fun, its a great way to expand your collections, get to know what other people are interested in, and share items.

I just did my first swap with a Yourtuber her name is Muzzett and it was so much fun, I loved everything she gave me and she loved everything I gave her, So here are the videos of our swap, please comment, rate, and subscribe, Thanks for watching xCrazyNails.... oh I am doing one more swap so please if you are interested please email me ASAP. THANKS <3

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wet n Wild - 8 Color Collections

My boyfriend's mother bought me a very cute gift the other day, it was the Wet n Wild Color Express Collections.. It came with 7 different colors and a Top Cost. I've never used Wet n Wild Nail Polish before, so I was very eager to try it out, even though my nails look so terrible becuase I took off the acrylic that was on them. I still painted my nails with two of the colors in the collection.

The colored I used was "Saved by the Blue" its a deep Royal Blue with a shimmer to it, really pretty, very bright and Perfect if you like bright colors !!

The other colore I used was " Party of Five Glitters." I used this on top of the blue, its a very chunky glitter, has green, light blue, silver, dark pink and red glitter, the glitters come it different sizes but I love chunky glitter, makes any color pop!

 On the box of the Collection it says that one coat of nail polish dries in 60seconds, well I tried it and its safe to say that it does work, but you have to put a thin coat of nail polish, the thicker you put it the more time it will take to dry, it appies on really well. The bottles are not that big, they are minis, which to me just makes it even more cute! Hope you try them out, sorry.. Im not to sure where you can find them.. again it was a Gift :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HOW TO- Make Nail Stickers

Hey you guys, so I posted a video on how to create you very own nail stickers.. Its really fast and super easy, you can create endless design once you get the hang of it. Hope you give it a try! Again I am going to make a video about me doing swaps. So please check it  out on my you tube channel Please!

Hope you enjoy the video.. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos, Thanks for watching xCrazyNails

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I will be doing several videos this week, only because I start school on Jan. 17 and it will be kind of hard to post videos, so I'm trying to post as many as I can for you guys before school starts, I really have to focus on school this semester, because I need to have a good GPA to get into the Nursing Program at my school...  BUT I will start swapping in the middle of Feb. So if you want to talk about swaps, please email  me!

(Future Videos)
I will be doing two review videos, a How To nail video, and MAYBE one more nail tutorial if I have time.
Monday or Tue. I will post the How to Make your own nail stickers video, so please check it out !!!