Friday, January 13, 2012

My first Swap

Hey you guys?? So about four days ago I did my first swap, now a swap is basically a trade of a certain item. Now Im not to sure where else swapping is done, but I do my swaps through YouTube, since I love everything about nails, I swap with other people who are interested in nails as well. We swap all kinds of things, whether it be nail art supplies, nail polish, glitters, or even soap, and make-up. What you swap is between you and who ever your doing a swap with, NOW.. In order to do a swap you must TRUST the other person, because 99% of the time, that person will live states away from you, you must trust them to send you your package with everything you guys agreed on ! Another big thing you have to do, is have communication between each other, always.. always.. keep in contact with that person, let them know when your shipping, if your having  money problems and can't ship, let that person know whats going on with their package, ALWAYS get a tracking number. Other then that,  Swapping can be so much fun, its a great way to expand your collections, get to know what other people are interested in, and share items.

I just did my first swap with a Yourtuber her name is Muzzett and it was so much fun, I loved everything she gave me and she loved everything I gave her, So here are the videos of our swap, please comment, rate, and subscribe, Thanks for watching xCrazyNails.... oh I am doing one more swap so please if you are interested please email me ASAP. THANKS <3

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