Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wet n Wild - 8 Color Collections

My boyfriend's mother bought me a very cute gift the other day, it was the Wet n Wild Color Express Collections.. It came with 7 different colors and a Top Cost. I've never used Wet n Wild Nail Polish before, so I was very eager to try it out, even though my nails look so terrible becuase I took off the acrylic that was on them. I still painted my nails with two of the colors in the collection.

The colored I used was "Saved by the Blue" its a deep Royal Blue with a shimmer to it, really pretty, very bright and Perfect if you like bright colors !!

The other colore I used was " Party of Five Glitters." I used this on top of the blue, its a very chunky glitter, has green, light blue, silver, dark pink and red glitter, the glitters come it different sizes but I love chunky glitter, makes any color pop!

 On the box of the Collection it says that one coat of nail polish dries in 60seconds, well I tried it and its safe to say that it does work, but you have to put a thin coat of nail polish, the thicker you put it the more time it will take to dry, it appies on really well. The bottles are not that big, they are minis, which to me just makes it even more cute! Hope you try them out, sorry.. Im not to sure where you can find them.. again it was a Gift :)


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    1. Yeah, it was my first time using them, and lets just say I will be buying more in the future!!