Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nicki Minaj New Nail Polish Line

So, if you have not heard Nicki Minaj is coming out with her New 2012 OPI Nail Polish Line some time in Jan. All of her six nail polishes are named after her songs.. "Save Me" "Fly" "Did it on 'em" "Pink Friday" "Super Bass" and  "Metallic 4 life." Those are Nicki's new nail polish names! Im not sure on the exact date they do come out, but I have seen people who say that they have purchased her new line, but they said it was really hard to find... So I'm just going to wait till her line hit the stores, I do know that Sally's Beauty Supply WILL NOT sell them, they do not sell OPI. Ulta however, does sale OPI so I am pretty sure that once they hit stores people will buy them like crazy, unless you just order them online, which again maybe sold out due to the fact that everyone is dying to get their hands on these nails polishes
I really hope I can get my hands on ALL nail polish colors so I can do a Review on them for you guys!

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