Monday, January 16, 2012

My Weekend Manicure

Hey you guys, so as I told you before I just took off the acrylic that was on my nails, so my nails are really short and very weak. There really isn't anything I can do with them. So for now I'm just painting them with no design. So here is what I wore on my nails for the weekend...

I used two colors for this manicure, The first color that I used is this very light pink color almost like a bubble gum pink, Its by Wet-n-Wild, Wild Shine called Tickled Pink. I like this polish a lot because it only took two coats to get that pink color, and dried really quick!

The other that I used was a glitter polish, the glitter is very fine, so it gave it a nice sparkle to it, its by China Glaze called Fairy Dust. It worked great with the pink

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